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1 - Myhregaarden Hotel
2 - Rica Forum Hotel
3 - Thon Hotel Maritim
4 - Stoperigaten Apartments
5 - Stavanger Apartment Hotel As Randabergveien 130
6 - Skansen Hotel
7 - First Hotel Alstor
8 - Comfort Hotel Stavanger
9 - Radisson Sas Atlantic Hotel
10 - Stavanger Leilighetshotell As
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The city of Stavanger was established as a municipality January 1, 1838. The rural municipalities of Hetland and Madla were merged with Stavanger January 1, 1965.

The city is located on a peninsula on the southwest coast of Norway. The climate is maritime mild temperate (marine west coast - cfb) and rather windy, with all monthly temperature averages above freezing, and precipitation 1200 mm/year. Summers are pleasant and lowland areas in and around Stavanger have the longest growing season in Norway (220 days).

Stavanger is the 4th largest city in Norway, with a population of 117,31 (2007) and approximately 181,300 people in the conurbation, making the Stavanger-Sandnes city area the third largest in Norway.

The city is a combination of new and old. There is a significant foreign influence with a nearby NATO base called JWC, as well as foreign oil interests. Norway's oldest cathedral, Stavanger domkirke, is situated right in the city centre. Stavanger has several beautiful lakes, which are popular recreation areas. Breiavatnet is located in the heart of Stavanger, while Mosvatnet and Stokkavatnet are situated right outside.

Stavanger Airport is located 14 km from the city centre, in the municipality of Sola.

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Clarion Hotel Stavanger Comfort Hotel Stavanger Thon Hotel Maritim Myhregaarden Hotel
First Hotel Alstor Stoperigaten Apartments Stavanger Leilighetshotell As St Svithun Hotell
Stavanger Leilighetshotell As Karlsminnegate 42 Skansen Hotel Stavanger Apartment Hotel As, Lyder Sagens Gate 23 Stavanger Apartment Hotel As Randabergveien 130
Radisson Sas Royal Hotel Radisson Sas Atlantic Hotel Park Inn Stavanger Rica Park Hotel Stavanger
Rica Forum Hotel Best Western Havly Hotell Stavanger Housing AS Vaisenhusgate 24 Victoria Hotel
Myhregaarden Apartments Stavanger Lille Hotel Stavanger Housing As Breibakken 29 Stavanger Housing As Nedre Dalgate 40
Comfort Hotel Square Stavanger Lille Hotell Apartments Myhregaarden Budget Apartments Skagen Brygge Hotel
Scandic Stavanger Forus Rental in Stavanger Stavanger Bed & Breakfast Rental in Stavanger - Verven
Myhregaarden City Apartments Backpack Shack Rental in Stavanger - Holmen Rental in Stavanger - Badehusgata
Rental in Stavanger - Sverdrupsgate Rental in Stavanger - Kongsgata Rental in Stavanger - Øvre Banegate Stavanger Small Apartments - Verven
Stavanger Vandrerhjem Mosvangen Stavanger Small Apartments - Holmegate Stavanger St Svithun Vandrerhjem L115 Leilighetshotell
Charlottenlund Scandic Stavanger City Apartamento Normanns gate

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