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World Travel Directory is a travel information site focused on providing accurate, intresting and up to date information.

World Travel Directory will soon offer every traveller the possibility to turn into a contributing user and let the world share his trips. World Travel Directory provides such an environment where our visitors can share their knowledge and experiences on destinations and travel services around the world.

World Travel Directory is a multilingual travel guide, with special sections for each country. Everything about travel and tourism in the world. Tourist information, hotels, vacation rentals, airlines, car rentals, tour operators, travel agencies, maps, pictures, weather and all other useful links are sorted by language and destination.

World Travel Directory is aimed at travellers organising their trip themselves more than those who would rather rely on a specialised tour operator.

Our mission is to provide the best information in the most efficient way to enable you to successfully prepare, book and make your trip as you wish, whatever your destination across the world.

We carefully select those websites on the Internet which are most helpful for each destination and make them available for you in a directory where you can access them quickly and easily.

World Travel Directory is a website that is undergoing constant further development. What we aim is becoming the most complete and the most relevant source of information for several destinations.

Altogether, we have selected several thousand websites for you on over 200 destinations throughout the world, relating mainly to tourist information, transport, accommodation and leisure activities.

World Travel Directory is not affiliated to any business-oriented tourist group and we do not sell trips.

Our head office is located in Athens Greece.

We hope that you find all the information about destinations, sites, hotels, and vacation rentals useful in planning your next holiday.

Would you like to give us your reactions and comments about the World Travel Directory website or contact us for any other reason? Please contact us.

The World Travel Directory team

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