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Hotels in Brno
1 - City Hotel
2 - Grandhotel Brno
3 - Avanti Hotel
4 - A-Austerlitz Best Western Hotel***
5 - Parkhotel Brno
6 - Holiday Inn Brno
7 - Apartments Brno No1
8 - Orea Hotel Santon
9 - Penzion Vaka
10 - Satyam
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Ceský Krumlov
Karlovy Vary

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10 - Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin
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Brno is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1243 although the area had been settled since the 5th century. Today Brno has over 380,000 inhabitants and is the seat of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, Supreme Court, and Supreme Prosecutor's Office.

Brno is located in the southeast part of the country, at the confluence of the Svitava and Svratka rivers. The city is a political and cultural hub of the South Moravian Region (estimated population of 1,130,000 for the whole region). At the same time, it represents the centre of the province of Moravia, one of the historic lands of the Czech Crown. It is situated at the crossroads of ancient trade routes which have joined northern and southern European civilizations for centuries. Due to its location between the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and the Southern Moravian lowlands, Brno has a moderate climate.

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Other areas
Ceský Krumlov
Karlovy Vary
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Brno Czech Republic
Brno, the Czech Republic‘s second largest city, has a population of nearly 370,000 people. It lies in the central part of Europe and within its two hundred-kilometre radius there are other important European capitals: Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. The international airport in Brno serves regular flights. Brno is the metropolis of Moravia and an important tourist centre for all who want to explore the natural and cultural beauties of the South-Moravian region.

Hotel Avion City Apart Hotel Brno Grandhotel Brno Hotel Santander
Royal Ricc Orea Hotel Santon Slavia Hotel Slovan
Orea Hotel Voronez 1 Orea Hotel Voronez 2 Avanti Hotel Holiday Inn Brno
A-Austerlitz Best Western Hotel*** Hotel Arte Hotel Continental Best Western Premier Hotel International Brno
A-Sport Hotel Hotel Global Hotel Bílá Růže Restaurant & Design Hotel Noem Arch
Penzion Vaka Satyam Hotel Pod Špilberkem Hotel Cyro
Parkhotel Brno Hotel Europa Bobycentrum Pension Edison
Apartments Brno No1 Comsa Brno Palace Hotel Hotel U Šuláka Žebětínský Dvůr
City Hotel Hotel Panska Licha Hotel Vista Hotel Pegas Brno
Hotel Albellus Apart Suites Brno Hotel Rakovec Hotel Jonathan
Penzion Derivia A Podlesí Hotel Omega Brno EEL Ubytování Brno
Hotel Pyramida Point Pension-Restaurant Penzion Brno Hotel Amphone
EEL ubytovaní Brno 2 Pension Ibérica Slunecni Dvur Orion Hotel
VV hotel Hotel Sharingham Hostel Mitte City hotel Brno
Penzion Holásky Hotel Brno Old Town Hotel Ben apartment
Penzion Ecotoner Hotel Prosperita K Penzion Pension U Dolezalu
Pension Kadlcuv Mlyn Hostel Fleda Hotel Kozi Horka H+M Penzion
Penzion Juventus Club Ubytovani Budinska Penzion na Dvorakove Penzion Janka
Garni Hotel Vinarska Penzion Kovarna Morávka VV Penzion
Ubytovani Nikol Pension Nicol Pension MARTINNO Brno Apartment Vodni
Penzion Levandule Hotel Grandezza Hotel Myslivna Brno Hotel Atlantis
Maximus Resort Penzion Lion Bed&Breakfast Klafé Bed & Breakfast Penzion Brno
Hotel Fontana Beach Pub Sokolák Hostel Jacob St. James´ Square Apartment
Hostel u Minoritů Panorama Apartman Brno Stred Ruta 80 Hostel
Antik Apartments Apartments Jacob Linden Restaurant and Pension Tauferovy Koleje
Kupková ubytování v soukromí Penzion Pohoda Downtown Apartment Azalka Penzion
Ami Penzion Expres Atack Penzion Penzion Cihelna Lazza
Penzion Ruland U Heligonky Penzion Na Starém Brně Penzion Marie
Penzion Luna Vienna Apartment Nove Semilasso Voyages Apartments
AS Club Orange apartment Koleje J.A.Komenského Hostel Bed - Breakfast Brno
Apartment Štěpánská Ubytovna Brno Freedom Square Apartments Národní Centrum
Apartmánový Dům Centrum Prometheus Living Showroom Apartmán U Minoritů
Penzion Integrity Apartment Via Ubytování Šámalka Ubytování v Brně
Apartment Kopečná Alfa Panorama Brno Skorkovského Campea Aparthotel
Hostel John Galt eFi Hotel Apartman Labska Brno Downtown Aparthostel

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